Gloves Tux Freeride

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Freeride Tux gloves with inner gloves, 2in1


Many winter enthusiasts know how important it is to protect your hands in all conditions. Tux 2 in 1 Tux glove with an inner glove wraps your hands not only on the slope, providing an additional layer of insulation, but also outside it, in moments when you need a more precise grip. When using your phone, your hands will not be exposed to a sharp chill, and navigation on the touch screen will be easy thanks to the Touch Phone System. The outer glove has a Primaloft insulation, characterized by very high thermal and insulating properties, and the presence of the Aqua Thermo Tex membrane protects against soaking while ensuring high breathability. The durability and reliability of the glove is guaranteed by finishing the ends of the fingers and the palm of the hand with natural goat skin. Choosing Tux, depending on the prevailing conditions, you can decide what you require from your gloves and adjust them to your needs.



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