Gloves Dramen

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Unisex gloves with an urban character


rnIf you need gloves every day that will protect your hands against the cold and unpleasant gusts of wind, the Dramen model is the one you are looking for. Black universal color, discreet logo and cut, ensuring a perfect fit make the product the perfect complement to any casual style set. The outer part of the gloves is made of classic fabric, and the inner one is made of elastic material, which guarantees comfort and does not restrict hand movements. To increase thermal comfort, the model has a tightly fitting fleece cuff, which is a synonym of softness and warmth in contact with the skin of the wrist. In addition, the index finger and thumb are equipped with the Touch Phone system, which allows you to use the phone at any time without removing the gloves. The universal design and wide range of sizes makes Dramen a glove dedicated to both men and women.



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