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VIKING is a Polish sports brand, which is owned by LARIX. For many years, this company has been successful on the Polish market as the distributor of world-famous sports brands. In 1996, we introduced our own brand, VIKING, the collection of which was started with products from only two groups: ski gloves and snowboard gloves.

At the very beginning, we had established the rules, which we obey to this day: selection of adequate materials, high quality, functionality, and compliance of the models with the newest trends in sports fashion. We did not have to wait long for the results. Shortly, VIKING products obtained the approval of store and sporting goods chain owners, and, most importantly, were very popular with their customers. The customers are the main driving force behind the motivation of the designers to seek new or acquire already existing state-of-the-art technologies and membranes. Our collections include WIND-LOCKER®, WINDSTOPPER®, and THINSULATE®.

To complement our effective winter collection (gloves, hats, bandanas, outdoor, thermoactive underwear), we have created a very promising summer offer, which covers ultra-light caps, “running” gloves, outdoor products, trekking poles, and thermoactive underwear – all branded with the VIKING logo. We would like to provide high quality to the biggest possible group of clients, which is why we are offering the best relation of quality to market price. Thanks to our extensive offer, our products are directed to all groups of clients who feel the need to put on a hat, gloves, or other products from our collections.

The brand’s PR & MARKETING entailed its development and recognisability. Between 2006 and 2010, we had established cooperation with the Polish Ski Federation and became a part of the historical successes of Adam Małysz and Justyna Kowalczyk. To this day, we generously support the Polish National Paralympics Team and numerous young and talented sportspeople during both summer and winter. We are very proud of our VIKING TEAM.

The brand’s prestige has grown proportionally to its share in the Polish sports accessory market, where we have been among the leaders for a long time. Furthermore, VIKING products have also been available in Ukraine, Slovakia, and Moldavia for many years. Since 2012, we have been among the largest exhibitors at the prestigious ISPO Munich trade show, which has direct impact on the dynamics of the growth of our export. Today, VIKING is available in Russia, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Serbia, and Germany. We are planning further expansion of sales beyond Poland in the near future.

Without any limitations, VIKING combines passion, state-of-the-art technological solutions, and the newest trends in colours and designing. We want to thank our customers for choosing our brand and hope that they will choose more of our products. VIKING – IT’S REALLY WORTH IT.

  • 1996/97 – the creation and conception of a new brand on the Polish market begins.
  • 1997/98 – the first collection designed by the VIKING brand is released.
  • 2003/04 – VIKING becomes the official partner of the Polish Paralympic National Team in Alpine Skiing (a partnership still in place).
  • 2006/07 – VIKING becomes the official partner of the Polish Ski Federation.
  • 2007/08 – VIKING releases the first collection of women’s gloves, and a new product on the Polish market: 5-finger gloves for small children.
  • 2008/09 – VIKING introduces outdoor clothing and products based on the WindStopper® membranes into its collection.
  • 2009/10 – VIKING’s first season with products based on the membranes of the world-famous Gore-Tex® brand.
  • 2010/11 – VIKING releases the first collection of thermoactive underwear.
  • 2011/12 – VIKING becomes an official all-year-round brand with the release of the first summer offer catalogue.
  • 2012/13 – the VIKING brand is exhibited at the ISPO 2012 international trade show.
  • 2013/14 – VIKING’s offer is expanded with all-year-round products: bandanas and trekking poles.